Human Rights Ratings

The market information platform HGS Research offers interactively usable views for:

  • human rights-related country ratings for > 170 countries
  • human rights-related product group ratings for > 6,000 product groups
  • in 10 human rights-related individual dimensions and with an overall result
  • risk heatmaps in the form of maps and tables
  • tool for the analysis of potential human rights-related risks in the purchasing portfolio (in preparation)

The ratings are based on statistical data. They are updated by HGS on a quarterly basis.

Product group- and country-ratings are available in HGS Research upon mouse click. They show which human rights risks a commodity group is exposed to and which countries contribute to the risk of this commodity group with their specific human rights risks. Human rights risk potentials can thus be perceived even before the purchase of commodity groups or the selection of suppliers for each individually adjustable country of demand. This is possible for each commodity group upon selection by the user, not only for tier 1, but also for upstream commodity groups in tiers 2-n.


Country Risk Map with Human Rights Ratings

HGS Research Country Risk Map with Human Rights Ratings

Tool for analysing human rights risk potentials in the procurement portfolio (in preparation)

Via the market information platform HGS Research, HGS provides a tool for analysing human rights risk potentials in the client's procurement portfolio. The tool can be downloaded from the application by subscribers to HGS Research.

It contains the human rights risk indicators calculated by HGS at country and commodity group level in 10 individual dimensions and one overall dimension and combines these indicators with the data for the client's procurement portfolio.

The tool filled with client data and the analysis results are not stored on the HGS servers, but at the client's premises. The users of the tool thus keep their data and also the results of their assessment of human rights risk potentials with themselves.

Aims of the human rights risk analysis tool provided by HGS:

  • With just a few clicks, the customer can carry out a preliminary risk assessment for their procurement portfolio.
  • The customer receives a classification of his suppliers into segments with different human rights risk potentials.

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